[SHOW–when baby plays fashion ]

when baby plays fashion.

Baby’s 败家纪录

[May 1st.2008]

Dress: Kate moss
Clutch: LV

Hat: Holt Renfrew

shopping @Holt renfrew

shoes: Prada

白色蓬蓬纱 NINA
Juicy pink top
BCBG white high heels


Silver Bracelete from Holt Renfew.

when baby plays fashion.

眼镜look.扮个office lady出街去

straight hair,gel with wax, pick a cute pukky style 2day.

Shoes: Prada spring collections’ ,(ayura purple with flower cut)
Juicy summer pink slippers

Jacket: 中性D灰绿色工装外套 with fur-made- hat.

Spring is coming!
Top: 星星碎花薄纱群
with pinky legging
Shoes: 粉色糖果鞋

shoes: convers心血来潮为了拌幼齿+sports style的平底帆布



2 Responses to “[SHOW–when baby plays fashion ]”

  1. hey .beauty .
    .i like your style …
    i also in toronto ..let ‘s be a fd ..^-^
    give me your msn or add me … my mail also my msn ..

  2. littledevilcandy Says:

    SORRY~BUDDY~cant see whats ur msn yet~my msn is: cynthiayingying@hotmail.com, thanx to add me la ~
    u in toronto??wow~~~happy to get to kno u lol~im new in toronto la ~hehe

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